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As a multi-agency organization, NSC is mandated with the co-ordination of all peace related activities in Kenya. It also doubles up as Kenya’s Conflict Early Warning and Response Unit (CEWERU) for the implementation of the CEWARN Protocol acceded to by IGAD Members States in 2002.

•To enhance co-ordinating peacebuilding and conflict management programmes among stakeholders at the National and County level;
•To promote the harmonization of approaches to peacebuilding and conflict management;
•To provide policy and technical advice to National and County Governments on matters of peace and conflict;
•To formulate, implement, interpret and review policies, strategies, laws, regulations, standards, guidelines and mechanisms governing peacebuilding and conflict management in liaison with other stakeholders;
•To domesticate and implement international instruments and regional declarations, regional protocols, agreements and mechanisms on peacebuilding and conflict management;
•To research and document trends and emerging issues in peacebuilding and conflict management;
•To promote peace advocacy and ownership at various levels;
•To mobilize resources, foster collaboration, networking, cooperation and partnerships in support of peacebuilding and conflict management programmes and activities;
•To represent the Government of Kenya in bilateral, regional and international platforms on peacebuilding and conflict management.
•To build and support capacity development for stakeholders
•Monitoring, evaluating and learning of peacebuilding and conflict management programmes
•To formulate a framework for Peace Awards and commemoration of National and International peace events;
•To establish a framework on peacebuilding and conflict management and setting the national and county agenda for peace;
•To provide a depository and reference for information on peacebuilding and conflict management;
•To establish and operationalize thematic groups on peace and conflict.


Uwiano Platform for Peace @ 108 is a public platform to engage Kenyans in adding their voice to peacebuilding efforts in Kenya. This platform integrates the use of SMS, Incident Reports and Media reports to help strengthen peace and conflict prevention efforts in Kenya. It is a public initiative by the National Steering Committee on Conflict Management and Peacebuilding (Office of the President), which was established with the aid of the United Nations Development Programme-Kenya.

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