Thursday, November 15, 2018

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Media and Communications subcommittee

Terms of reference
1.    Enhance the visibility of NSC to the Kenyan public;
2.    Highlighting the work of NSC and partners to stakeholders and others
3.    Awareness raising and sensitization of events/peace issues
4.    Facilitate coverage, documentation and information dissemination through print   and electronic media.
5.    Work out other strategies towards PBCM and SALW sensitization

a)    Print media

  •     Development of articles/supplement for the national newspapers, Ministerial Magazines and other write ups as may be deemed necessary for sensitization
  •     Use of print and electronic media

a) Electronic media

  • Production and running of infomercials prior to and after key events(IDP,Peace Caravan) mainly in the radio stations in both national and local dialects-Pokot,Turkana, Burji, Borana, Somalia,Samburu,Kalenjin,Ramogi, Luhya , Kiswahili, English
  • Talk shows for discursive sessions on PBCM and SALW.this has been successfully carried out in collaboration with partners. Key topics are;Initiatives of the GOK on PBCM and impact on communities, Arms Control and Management initiatives, extent of GOK collaboration with the CSO/NGOs in peacebuilding, Implications of constitutional review challenges to the PBCM and cohesion processes and the role of women as custodians of peace in our society.
  • Talk shows on the tv stations

c)   IEC strategy

  •     Focuses on production of materials with information for the public
  •     Collection and dissemination of books, video clips magazines
  •     Facilitate production of t-shirts, bags, caps, and other for continues public sensitization, production of calendar highlighting key events
  •     Web development process-the process has been slow due to various technicalities and currently we are in the final phases.
  •     Coverage of NSC/KNFP activities-video and photography

d)    Developing of a Peace award framework whose objective is to;

  •     Recognize and motivate individuals and institutions that have made contributions to peace work.
  •     Challenge Kenyans to achieve and pursue highest standard of good neighborliness and nationhood.
  •     Support the reconciliation efforts throughout the country.
  •     Inspire others (generations) towards contribution to peacebuilding efforts.
  •     Push for an advocacy strategy on peacebuilding
  •     Create awareness on the National Steering Committee on PBCM and its role.


Uwiano Platform for Peace @ 108 is a public platform to engage Kenyans in adding their voice to peacebuilding efforts in Kenya. This platform integrates the use of SMS, Incident Reports and Media reports to help strengthen peace and conflict prevention efforts in Kenya. It is a public initiative by the National Steering Committee on Conflict Management and Peacebuilding (Office of the President), which was established with the aid of the United Nations Development Programme-Kenya.

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